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April Hill

April Hill's first "job" in radio was in college at WMSV. Early every morning she would rise and shine after waiting tables late into the night. Hill didn't actually get paid. She was just thrilled to have an opportunity to get real live on-air experience. The importance of her first morning radio anchor gig wouldn't be realized until more than a decade later.

Hill's first paid job in broadcasting was at the CBS TV affiliate in Jackson, MS, in 1998. Her shift as the associate producer on the morning show at WJTV started at 10:00 p.m. Hill said, "I remember telling my boss how excited I was after getting my first paycheck and he laughed. The check was very small, but I was still a kid really. I'd never had a check that big." She worked a retail job to afford rent in a high crime area of town. "I didn't care. For the first time, I had my own place all to myself. I also got a good laugh when people asked where I lived. Their facial expressions, filled with horror, were so entertaining."

Hill decided to get in on the action in front of the camera. The market size in Jackson was too big for them to giver her a shot (although she tried). After sending out at least 100 resumés with no response. Hill quit her job to concentrate on chasing her dream full-time. Hill's  brother lived in Tulsa and was willing to let her live there rent free for a few months. "I drove to every small television station from Florida to Iowa, 25 cities altogether. I got only one offer and that's all I needed."

In 2001, Hill started as a reporter at KLKN-TV in Lincoln, NE. She said, "I really loved Lincoln. It's filled with honest, hard working people." Hill was what they call in the business a one-man-band. She was the reporter, photographer and the editor. Living in a capitol city, and the home of the Husker's, taught her how to cover every story under the sun. "I worked weekends at first, so I was on the 50-yard line every home game covering the fans. I then moved up to the legislature beat Monday through Friday. In between, there were tornados, snow storms and drought... a lot like here in Oklahoma."

In 2007, Hill decided she wanted to move home. Since she grew up in the small town of Independence, KS, Tulsa was the perfect distance and size. "I had been away from home for so long and it was strange when I would talk to people who knew about my home town. Some had even been there." She took a producer job at KJRH, which had a weather camera on main street in Independence. Hill said, "The meteorologists would use it as much as possible during my newscast because they knew I'd love it."

Hill was back home and content, until KRMG's Steve Berg approached her about a weekend anchor job that was open at the radio station. "I thought, oh radio? I haven't done that in a while. Sounds like fun." Dan Potter was the news director and hired her a couple of months later. Hill worked seven days a week for three years. She said, "I looked forward to my weekends at KRMG, but I wanted full-time. I wanted it so badly that I would fill-in working both jobs on holidays and only took one weekend off for a family wedding." Her hard work paid off.

The morning show host at the time, KRMG's Joe Kelley, hired Hill full-time as soon as a position was available. She said, "I loved it from day one. Joe and I just clicked. He worked hard and recognized my work ethic and passion for the radio station. So, Joe became my mentor and all of the sudden promotions started happening faster than I could even ask." A few months after going full-time, Hill was asked to take the morning anchor position. It was only another few months and she was tapped to be the news director, taking over Kelley's position when he moved to sister station WDBO in Orlando. "My emotions were all over the board. I was losing my best boss and gaining the highest position of my career."

Kelley left Hill in good hands. Dan Potter took over as morning host (remember, he was the one who hired her). "Dan and I are going to continue the momentum than KRMG has been building for years. We're here to stay and even get better. I believe that 100 percent."

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Mosque door handles wrapped in bacon

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(EDMOND, Okla.) - Investigators are trying to track down the person responsible for covering the door handles of an Edmond mosque with bacon.

Police got a report Sunday morning about bacon being left in the parking lot and entrance of the Islamic Society of Edmond.

The Oklahoma chapter of Council on American-Islamic relations is calling for state and federal law enforcement to investigate.

The council says it also received a report about another mosque in central Oklahoma that had two windows shattered by shots likely fired from a BB gun.

The location of that mosque wasn't released.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

More tornadoes tear through Oklahoma; see the viral videos

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Another round of severe weather tore through Oklahoma and much of the nation's midsection over the weekend, KRMG and KOKI-TV report.

>> For the latest on the storm, visit KOKI-TV and KRMG

National Weather Service forecaster Daryl Williams said tornadoes touched down Saturday in southwestern Oklahoma near the towns of Elmer and near Tipton. Williams said another touched down briefly near Elk City along Interstate 40.

>> From KOKI-TV: Photos of Oklahoma storms

Williams said the tornadoes in southwestern Oklahoma were very strong but in largely isolated areas. 

Click here or scroll down to see videos and photos from the scene.

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Fatal crash suspect was returned to Mexico three times

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The fatal crash of an admired sportscaster in Oklahoma City has sparked a nationwide debate.

Sportscaster Bob Barry Jr. was killed Saturday afternoon after police say 26-year-old Gustavo Castillo Gutierrez made an illegal U-turn on a city street.

A representative from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Wednesday the man involved in an Oklahoma City collision had been "voluntarily returned" to Mexico three times.

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The ICE spokesperson says Gutierrez was returned to Mexico twice in 2010 and once in 2013.

He was charged Tuesday with felony driving and cocaine offenses.

In a debate on "The Kelly File" on FOX News, legal analysts Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh joined Megyn Kelly to debate the possibility of a murder case.

Right now Gutierrez is charged with manslaughter, not murder.

Aidala says it was an accident.

"There's no intent, there's no depravity, there's no recklessness, no speeding, no weaving, no intoxication," Aidala said. "He made a U-turn. Everyone who has driven has made an illegal U-turn."

Eiglarsh disagreed and believes Gutierrez should definitely be tried for murder.

“It is a felony offense,” said Eiglarsh. “He was committing possession of cocaine, which is punishable by up to five years in prison, and in doing so he caused the tragic demise of a beloved sports broadcaster.”

The immigration agency has placed a detainer on Gutierrez.

If convicted, the agency will decide whether to take him into custody and remove him from the U.S. after serving time in Oklahoma.

Barry’s funeral is Friday, June 26 at Crossings Community Church.

$100,000 reward offered to help solve college student's cold case murder

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Tracey Neilson should have been celebrating her 21st birthday on Jan. 5, 1981.

Instead, she was stabbed repeatedly by a suspect who is still a mystery 34 years later.

Investigators with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation say she was murdered that morning inside her Moore apartment at the Jamestown Square Apartments.

Tracey had just returned home from running errands and was ironing a shirt while watching television. Investigators believe she was killed around noon.

Detectives released Friday that they believe the killer may have Tracey’s tortoise-shell colored, plastic key ring.

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Her sister says the keychain was approximately 1 inch wide by 4 inches long with Tracey spelled in capital block letters.

A big piece of evidence is a cable ticket book with the location of Tracey’s apartment and date and time of her killing.

Agents revealed that information to the public six months ago and have since learned the ticket book came from a Southwestern Bell telephone repairman.

There initials of the worker on the ticket are unreadable.

However, the specific repairman has not been identified. Up to a $100,000 reward is now available to anyone who can help solve this case.

Most of that reward money is coming from Tracey’s family.

A running of the pugs happened, and it is glorious

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The running of the bulls happened in Spain last weekend. The annual tradition is often messy and sometimes violent.

The folks at Mashable found a way to get in on the fun but in a way that's much safer and way cuter: pugs!

The NYC Pug Meetup Group was invited to the Mashable HQ for a little harmless (and creative) fun. See the video above for more because it really is cuter than words.

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