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Peyton Manning is hilarious in ESPYs skit about his retirement

Peyton Manning has a great sense of humor, and he took a few jabs at his retirement Wednesday night when he hosted the ESPYs.

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The former NFL quarterback recorded a nursing home skit that aired during the ESPN awards show, and his deadpan humor was on the mark as the two-time Super Bowl champion got an assist from his greatest rival: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Manning portrayed himself coping with life in a retirement community and showed his competitive spirit. 

“You like that Ruth, you like that, it’s called winning, it’s called being a champion,” he taunts a senior citizen during a shuffleboard match.

But Ruth, who is Manning’s foil throughout the video, gets the last laugh. Manning walks by her room and notices her in a Skype session with Brady.

“I knew there was something about you, Ruth,” Manning says.

“Grandma, I used to play football with Peyton,” Brady says.

“Oh, isn’t that wonderful,” Ruth responds, turning to Manning. “Did you win five Super Bowls, too?”

Manning’s slow burn response is a classic.

Manning is no stranger to comedy. Here are some commercials featuring the future Hall of Famer:

Photos: Highlights from the 2017 ESPY Awards show

Former first lady Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance at the 2017 ESPY Awards on Wednesday. Russell Westbrook won best male athlete, while Olympic gymnast Simone Biles earned best female athlete honors.

'America's Got Talent' pays tribute to contestant killed in crash, share posthumous audition

Television talent contest “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday shared the audition of a Virginia doctor who blew away the judges but died in a car crash before his tryout could air.

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Dr. Brandon Rogers, 29, was killed June 11 in a car crash in Maryland, just weeks before his performance was scheduled to air.

“At the request of his family, we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you,” the show’s producers said in a YouTube post.

In an emotional interview for the show, Rogers said he was inspired to become a doctor by a traumatic experience when he was 6 years old. He said he found his mother in a pool of blood and she was rushed to the hospital.

“The doctors were like heroes. They saved her life and it made me want to be the doctor that I am today,” he said. “I feel like I’m in a field where I’m actually making a difference.”

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Rogers, who practiced family medicine, sang Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” to a standing ovation and unanimous “yes” votes from the show’s four judges.

“You have real control and passion and you can be a star,” said judge Howie Mandel. “You spent so much time going down that medical road. I think it was a waste of time and schooling because you should be a singer – but it’s good to have something to fall back on, I guess.”

Judges Simon Cowell, Mel B and Heidi Klum echoed Mandel.

“Your vocal is stunning,” Cowell said. “I’ve never said this before to a doctor, you’re sick. Really sick. You’re one of the best singers we’ve had in the competition so far, I’ve got to tell you.”

Rogers gained national recognition after an Instagram post of him dressed in scrubs, singing Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee,” went viral.

The post even got the attention of the famed R&B group itself, which invited Rogers to perform with them in January at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

Everything you need to know to catch up with 'Game of Thrones'

The new season of Game of Thrones starts Sunday. Here is where (almost) everyone is on the massive chessboard that is Westeros.

Cersei Lannister

WHERE WE LEFT HER: On the #@$^&ing Iron Throne. Her father, maybe the only man she respected, is dead. Her children, maybe the only thing that tethered her to basic humanity, are dead. The last one, sweet, naive Tommen, stepped out a window after his mother engineered the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, a move that, with end-of-“the-Godfather” efficiency, killed every opponent she had in King’s Landing. She is on the Iron Throne with an iron fist.

That said, almost every other major character is gunning for her now. Possibly including...

Jaime Lannister

WHERE WE LEFT HIM: Dude has had a weird couple of months. He and a crew (including everyone’s favorite witty sellsword Ser Bronn and some Frey forces who probably don’t yet know that Walder is dead) sacked Riverrun for Lannister and Frey. 

He and Bronn return to King’s Landing only to find the Sept a smoking ruin and Cersei on the Iron Throne. 

Will the Kingslayer become a Queenslayer? 

Brienne of Tarth and Podrick 

WHERE WE LEFT THEM: Rowing away from Riverrun after both the battle and a few meaningful looks between Jaime and Brienne. Presumably they will end up at King’s Landing with everyone else.

Jon Snow

WHERE WE LEFT HIM: The King in the North, with his half-sister Sansa by his side, has retaken his ancestral home Winterfell from the Boltons. 

He did so with a ragtag bunch of bannermen and Wildlings and, hello, the knights of the Vale -- who were led by the always icky Lord Petyr "chaos is a ladder" Baelish. 

Snow rallied his bannermen thanks largely to Lady Lyanna Mormont, who looks about 12 and is the baddest child on TV right now. 

Will his coalition of the willing invade King’s Landing from the north or stay to fight the White Walkers?

After all, it turns out he is not Ned Stark’s bastard but his actually the son of Lyanna Stark and the late Rhaegar Targaryen, which the audience knows and he does not -- his is the most legit claim to the throne on the board.

Sansa Stark

WHERE WE LEFT HER: In a decent spot for the first time in forever. She killed her torturer and rapist Ramsey Bolton, and she is at her half-brother’s side. But she still has to deal with the epic leering of... 

Petyr Baelish

WHERE WE LEFT HIM: Trying to convince Sansa to be his queen and aid him in taking the Iron Throne (which, let’s be real, could involve killing her brother). 

At the very end, he busts out an amazing look that is part lust, part I-told-you-so and part I-am-gonna-betray-all-of-you. Sansa sees it and Petyr sees that she sees it and it is DARK, y’all.

Lyanna Mormont

WHERE WE LEFT HER: Bein’ awesome.

Ramsey Bolton

WHERE WE LEFT HIM: Deader than disco. Actually, disco is FAR more alive than the sadistic Ramsey, whom we last saw being eaten by his own dogs. Good riddance. 

The Night King

WHERE WE LEFT HIM: Readying his army of White Walkers

Samwell Tarly

WHERE WE LEFT HIM: The former Night’s Watchman checked in with his family just long enough to steal his dad’s Valyrian steel sword (it’s chill; dad has it coming) and head out -- with babymama Gilly and baby in tow -- for the Citadel where (the plan is) he will learn to be the Westeros’ kindest, most good-natured maester.

Bran Stark and Meera Reed

WHERE WE LEFT THEM: Bran is psychic as all get out, he and Meera survived a battle with white walkers, a battle then claimed Hodor’s life in the most gut-wrenching ep since “The Red Wedding” (and a far more moving one at that). They are headed toward the Wall.

Arya Stark

WHERE WE LEFT HER: The little assassin that could bounced on the Faceless Men who trained her and just took out Red Wedding planner Walder Frey via knife across the throat (after baking his sons into a pie). We are not sure where she is next going, but killing-everyone-on-her-famous-list is a good bet. Cersei Lannister, protect ya neck.

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane 

WHERE WE LEFT HIM: He was chilling out with Septon Ray and some humble followers, building a sept. 

When those villagers were murdered by rogue raiders, he tracked them down and killed them all. He is currently joined with members of the vigilante anti-Lannister group Brotherhood with Banners, which is led by the one-eyed Beric Dondarrion, who has been resurrected six times. They are all headed north to fight White Walkers with what is left of the Night’s Watch.

Yara, Theon and Euron Greyjoy

WHERE WE LEFT THEM: Well, after it seemed like siblings Yara (she being a totally rad admiral in the Greyjoy fleet) and Theon (who has had a pretty rough few years) are finally reunited and can rule the Iron Islands together, uncle Euron shows up, kills his brother (King Balon), declares himself ruler and forces Yara and Theon to flee. 

Fortunately, Yara and Theon leave with most of the fleet (prompting Euron to build more ships). After brokering a deal with Dany, the siblings are last seen joining the ever-larger army who are sailing towards King’s Landing.

Ellaria Sand, Olenna Tyrell and Varys  

WHERE WE LEFT THEM: In Dorne, making an alliance. Ellaria, former consort to the totally awesome Oberyn Martell (we will never forget you, fam), has deposed and killed her brother-in-law Doran and nephew Trystane as revenge for them NOT taking vengeance on House Lannister after Oberyn’s death. She has assassinated Cersei’s daughter Myrcella. She and the Sand Snakes are running this place. 

So when she meets with Olenna, who is mourning the death of her son and grandchildren in the destruction of the sept, she proposes an alliance. Varys, having been dispatched by the Daenerys Targaryen/Tyrion axis, convinces both to ally with the Mother of Dragons against the Lannisters.

Daario Naharis and Jorah Mormont

WHERE WE LEFT THEM: Not with the lady they love. These two men who adore Dany will not be going with her into battle. Her lover Daario is holding down the fort in Meereen, Mormont needs to cure his greyscale before he does anything else.

Tyrion Lannister

WHERE WE LEFT HIM: Not even the smartest man in Westeros can resist the Mother of Dragons. Tyrion spent most of season 6 running Meereen in Dany’s absence with Varys, Unsullied general Grey Worm and translator Missandei. After Dany returns, he advises her to bounce Daario (and possibly keep herself available for marriage). She makes him her Hand and he drops to his knees. So, last but far from least....

Daenerys Targaryen

WHERE WE LEFT HER: As the most powerful person in Westeros not named Cersei (and possibly more powerful). The Stormborn is currently sailing toward King’s Landing, having secured the support (and ships and armies) of Houses Martell, Tyrell and Greyjoy. She has the thunderous Dothrakhi horsemen riding those ships. She has a brilliant advisor in Tyrion. And, oh right, all three of her dragons. It’s goin’ down, y’all.

'DWTS' judge Julianne Hough, Brooks Laich tie the knot in Idaho wedding

Julianne Hough is officially a Mrs.!

>> 'DWTS' pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Peta Murgatroyd are officially husband and wife

According to People, the “Dancing with the Stars” judge wed her hockey-playing fiancé, Brooks Laich, in a romantic ceremony near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The couple reportedly exchanged vows in front of 200 guests, including Hough’s brother Derek Hough, Nina Dobrev, “DWTS” pro Mark Ballas and actor Aaron Paul.

“I don’t think I ever really necessarily dreamed about my wedding as a kid,” the bride told the publication. “But I know I will always cherish and remember it for the rest of my life.”

The couple wed in an outdoor ceremony surrounded by roses and tulips, wild grass and boxes of blooms.

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“It was really important to me that we had our ceremony outdoors,” Laich said. “Julianne and I are very adventurous and free and wanted the setting to be in nature.”

Derek Hough served as a groomsman, and the couple’s two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels served as ring bearers. The reception was also held outdoors, and guests dined on smoked Columbia River steelhead with apple slaw and ginger glaze charcoal braised shortribs. Dessert included strawberry rhubarb crisp with sour cream whipped topping.

At the end of the lavish bash, guests enjoyed a fireworks display.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

'DWTS' pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Peta Murgatroyd are officially husband and wife

Congratulations, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd!

On Saturday, the “Dancing With the Stars” pros wed in a lavish ceremony at Oheka Castle on Long Island in New York.

>> 'DWTS' judge Julianne Hough, Brooks Laich tie the knot in Idaho wedding

After the nuptials, the couple spoke to US Weekly about the weekend full of festivities.

“It was everything we ever dreamt of,” Chmerkovskiy said.

Murgatroyd added, “And the party of the year!”

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According to the publication, the couple exchanged vows in a 40-minute ceremony and son Shai was walked down the aisle before the bride. Murgatroyd walked toward her new groom to the "Nutcracker Suite" in a Karen Sabag gown.

The star-studded guest list included “DWTS” pro Sharna Burgess, former season 20 contestant Rumer Willis, season 18 contestant Candace Cameron Bure, model Nyle DiMarco and “DWTS” pro Val Chmerkovskiy. Willis and Burgess both served as bridesmaids.

Much of the lavish bash was documented on social media using their hashtag, “#chmergatroydwedding.”

'Gotham' actor Donal Logue's missing daughter back home after nearly 2 weeks

Donal Logue’s 16-year-old daughter is reportedly home after she went missing almost two weeks ago.

“Jade is now safely back home with her family,” a representative for the actor told E! News. “Donal is incredibly thankful for everyone’s support, and especially to the NYPD, FBI and Team Adam NCMEC for her safe return.”

>> PREVIOUS STORY: ‘Gotham’ star Donal Logue appeals for help finding missing daughter

Jade disappeared after going to meet a friend at Barclays Center in New York City. Logue spent much of his time after her disappearance begging her to come home via social media, posting several heartfelt pleas. His last one read, “Jade, c’mon home, you sweet, beautiful soul. We love and miss you dearly.”

Additionally, the actor’s ex-wife and Jade’s mother, Kasey Smith, as well as some of Logue’s costars, also posted pleas online and helped spread the word that Jade was missing.

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The details surrounding her disappearance are unclear at this time.

'Human Ken Doll' could lose his nose

The “Human Ken Doll” is not breathing easy right now.

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After multiple surgeries and a nasal infection, Rodrigo Alves is in danger of losing his nose, People reported.

Alves, 33, can no longer breathe through his nose, and he will appear on E!’s the “Botched” television show Sunday hoping that the doctors can help him.

“His nostrils are so small, and after what he’s gone through ... this is probably one of the worst results and complications that I’ve seen in my entire career,” “Botched” surgeon Paul Nassif said.

Nassif could not properly examine Alves’ nostrils, since there was no space to fit an Otoscope, People reported.

“I feel like crying right now, but I’m holding back not to cry,” Alves tells Nassif. “Because I’m actually very, extremely worried, that’s why I’m here.”

Alves said he has had 51 plastic surgeries and 105 aesthetic treatments, spending $465,000, People reported.

Twitter goes nuts over Carolina Panthers 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' tweet

It was three days in the making, but the Carolina Panthers social media team pulled off a Twitter stunt that went viral.

On Friday, the Carolinas Panthers account asked followers to, “go back and read the first word of our tweets from the last three days.”

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People who read the Panthers tweets from Friday to Wednesday found themselves reciting the theme song to the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Twitter went nuts, with the Panthers post garnering more than 20,000 retweets and over 27,000 likes in just two hours.

Here’s a sampling of the tweets:

More Americans trust CNN than Trump, poll says

A new poll suggests that more Americans trust CNN more than they trust the president.

>> Trump beats down CNN in wrestling video he posted to Twitter

According to a Survey Monkey poll published by Axios, 89 percent of Republicans polled view President Donald Trump as more trustworthy than CNN, but 91 percent of Democrats think otherwise. Among Independents, CNN was found to be 15 percentage points more trustworthy than Trump. Meanwhile, among all political affiliations, those polled view the network as more trustworthy than the president by a 7-point margin of 50-43 percent.

“The fight ... between the White House and major media outlets has made the question of truthfulness just as partisan-tinged as health care or other policies,” Survey Monkey Senior Vice President Jon Cohen said.

>> Trump’s wrestling tweet: What they are saying about the media and the message

In fact, when asked whether Trump was more trustworthy than the Washington Post or the New York Times, American adults polled said they trust the newspapers more than the president by a 9-point margin. ABC, CBS and NBC were deemed more trustworthy than Trump among all adults by an 11-point margin. Republicans polled, however, had a similarly disproportionate trust in the president.

>> Keith Olbermann calls for 25th Amendment action after Trump’s CNN tweet

Of the 4,965 adults polled, 33 percent of Republicans said they exclusively get their news from Fox News. Sixty-four percent of adults polled don't approve of the president’s Twitter behavior, with 47 percent describing his tweets as “undignified,” 34 percent describing them as “mean,” 26 percent saying they’re “entertaining” and just 7 percent calling them “presidential.”

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“The biggest danger for Republicans is that they grow content with firing up the base: Fully three-quarters of pure independents (those that don’t lean one way or the other) disapprove of Trump’s tweeting, and their top three descriptors for it are ‘undignified,’ ‘mean’ and ‘dishonest,'” Cohen said. “A red flag for Democrats continues to be a perception that Trump is isolating himself from the GOP base with his tweets. Not only do most Republicans approve of his use of Twitter, but asked to describe those tweets, the No. 1 mention among the GOP is ‘truthful,’ with ‘entertaining’ in second place.”

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