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    Magic 105.3 On-Air Giveaways 12-22-14

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    New Year's Eve, 12.31.12

    Marcus Yam / The New York Times

    Holiday Guide

    Your guide to Holiday events, shopping and entertaining

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    Magic 105.3 at the San Antonio Aquarium

    Robin Flores checks out the new San Antonio Aquarium

    Magic 105.3 Performance Lounge

    Phillip Phillips "Raging Fire"

    Magic 105.3 Performance Lounge with Phillip Phillips

    Echosmith "Cool Kids"

    Magic 105.3 Performance Lounge with Echosmith

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    'Hobbit' goes out on top with $90.6 million 5-day debut

    'Hobbit' goes out on top with $90.6 million 5-day debut

    While Hollywood continued to wrestle with the fallout of the Sony hacking scandal, the weekend box office offered the solace of a moviegoing truism: Hobbits sell.

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    Magic Concerts

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